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Check out this Intresting webinar all about creating resilient tree plantings in our cities with Permavoid.  The discussion will highlight innovative technologies that protect root zones, improve soil aeration and increase water availability.  It will also show how trees can be used for large-scale stormwater management to prevent runoff and create more sustainable cities. 

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Tree Protection

Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage.  Protect valuable infrastructure from damaging tree roots while simultaneously promoting tree health and vitality.  Permavoid provides positive air circulation and stormwater infiltration into the root zone of new or developing trees.

Subbase Replacement

Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage.  Replace up to 18 inches of aggregate subbase and 12 inches of excavation while managing stormwater within Permavoid.

Passive Irrigation

Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage. Reduce or eliminate irrigation expenses by utilizing stormwater. Control the volume of stored water to maximize the health and vitality of grass or other plant material.


Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage.  Reduce the size and quantity of bioswales by maximizing the performance of each.  Store water in Permavoid for controlled discharge to maintain ideal water depths.

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